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Defence Services College was established as a national school established on the instructions of H.E. the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and under the guidance of Secretary Defence and urban Development Ministry Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa.DSC was established in January 2007 on a 4.5 hectare site at Malay street in Colombo 2. This was established mainly to ease the challenges currently encountered by the members of the Armed Services and the Police, pertaining to admission of their children to popular schools. The purpose would also serve to design, develop and testing of a new governing system that will assist the government effort to provide a high quality and equitable education, under a disciplined environment. DSC directly operates under the direction of Ministry of Education and its administration control is done by ministry of Defence and Urban Development.

At present DSC function as a mixed school and the students’ population is over 1400.It will reach up to 3600 once classes start up to year 13.The college is committed to a rigorous, comprehensive approach to promote all academic and extracurricular activities from grade 1-7 at present. Further Defence Services College Colombo regards knowledge as the supreme resource to be utilized, in accordance with the guidance of ministry of education in Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka for the benefit of mankind. Defence Services College Colombo promotes intellectual inquiry and considers the quest for knowledge as an act of worship.



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