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 Inception history

          Now Sri Lanka has peace and harmony and it has come under one ruler. Thanks to tri services and police now we consume the fullest freedom   finishing 30 dark years of cruel battle. To pay the nation’s gratitude to these war heroes under the theme of ‘ Dinu Deshaya  Daruwantaya’ Defence Services College was established to make useful citizens to Mother Lanka.In a time that our tri. services  and police war heros sacrifice their lives on behalf of the country, his Excellency Mr Mahinda Rajapaksha and the secretary of defence present the concept of this School for the benefit of the sons and daughters  of the tri services  and police. As a result of that Major General  R.K.P. Ranaweera USP who had been successfully completed a golden service to Sri Lanka Army service was selected as the guiding star and as the director of Defence Services College project.

 The land area of the School has a history of 148 years, It was the time that Sri Lanka was under the govern of Dutch. Therefore Dutch architect designs can be seen in the present school buildings which have similarities with the old Dutch buildings in Galle. The first  building which was built in 1861 was the office of the governor Sir Henry George ward and later it was a army camp  of  Major General  Dunham  Massy in 1891. It was indicated  in the carved granite which has been found in the reconstructions. Still it can be seen in the main building of our school. 

After that  this  building has been used for many purposes and when the Sri Lanka Army service was started this place was to intake the apprentices for Sri Lanka Army service later on Ministry of Education and Examination Department was established in this land. On account of that this land belongs to the historical grandeur of both Educational and Defence background and it is very much suitable to offer this land to build Defence services college than use it for any other purpose.    










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